Kento Momota”Family”~Who is his girlfriend? His father’s name is Nobuhiro Momota

Kento Momota, a badminton player who is said to be the closest man to the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

This time, I will introduce the spotlight on Kento’s girlfriend and his family.

Name: Kento Momota
Date of birth: September 1, 1994
Age: 25 years old * As of January 2020
Height / Weight: 175cm / 68kg
Blood type: A type


◆ Who is his girlfriend?

Kento Momota is now (January 2020), a good age of 25, but not married.

In October 2018, we had a fuss about having a secret meeting in a hotel room with Yuki Fukushima, the world’s top women’s doubles ranking.

I don’t know what happened to Yuki and then, but before the Tokyo Olympics, it may not be that far.

After the Olympics, there may be a surprise (# ^. ^ #)

◆ His home is in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture

Kento Momota is from Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture.

His parents’ house is a plain house surrounded by small mountains and hills, in a peaceful countryside.

① Elementary school days

Kento Momota joined a local club when he was a freshman at Yoshitsu Elementary School in Mitoyo City and started playing badminton.

When he was in elementary school, he won the National Elementary School Championship Singles.

② Junior high school days

In junior high school, he went to Tomioka Municipal Tomioka Daiichi Junior High School (Fukushima Prefecture), a famous badminton school.

In 2009, in third grade, won the national junior high school badminton tournament.

He entered the Top 4 at the All Japan Junior Badminton Championships and is the first male player in junior high school to enter the All Japan Championship qualifying round.

③ High school days

He entered Fukushima Prefectural Tomioka High School.

He won the national high school tournament in doubles in 2011 and singles in 2012.

In the international tournament, in 2012 he won a gold medal in the Asian Youth Championship Men’s Singles and achieved two crowns with team competition.

He won the Individual Junior Men’s Singles at the World Junior Championships and was the first Japanese player to be the junior in the world.

After graduating from high school, he won international competitions and other events held in Austria, and has risen to 50th in the world rankings.

◆ His father’s name is Nobuhiro Momota

① What is his father’s profession?

Kento Momota’s father is Nobuhiro Momota.

The age will be 55 this year (2020).

His father, Nobuhiro, is the managing director of “Mitsuno Tekko Co., Ltd.” in Mino-cho, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa.

This is information as of 2013, so his position may have changed now.

② Father is godfather

The name of Kento Momota’s “Kento” was given by his father.

Named after Clark Kent, the protagonist of Superman,

To be the strongest person in the world …

Such a wish is put.

His father, Nobuhiro, will also work hard to realize the dream contained in the name.

Nobuhiro had no experience playing badminton, but he read the badminton instruction book and taught himself.

A line of the same size as the court was drawn in the parking lot so that I could practice footwork at home.

Speaking of Momota’s special technique, “hairpin”.

This was also completed at the end of his father’s home, using rubber like a net and hammering rackets.

The special training for his father and son continued until Kento “Sports abroad” at a junior high school in Fukushima Prefecture.

③ After the casino case

His father, Nobuhiro, hated pachinko and always told his son.

Never gamble …

That’s why the casino case that Kento caused is shocking for his dad.

As a member of society, he has to take responsibility for himself.

He wants you to apologize and change his actions In response to the interview, Dad spoke a few words.

◆ What is his mother’s name?

① What is his mother’s name?

Kento Momota’s mother is Michiyo Momota.

It seems that Kento is often seen as not practicing too much, He didn’t take a break because he was a stubborn child And she is watching properly.

When Kento studied badminton in Fukushima Prefecture, both his father and his mother were very lost and a couple quarrel (* ^^ *)

However, Mr. Kento was simple, So, let’s go to Fukushima He does n’t know the heart of his parents…

② His mother in a casino case …

Kento Momota’s mother fell asleep, shocked by the casino affair, and was unable to eat through her throat.

I think it’s already recovered …

Don’t worry too much about his mother.

◆ How old is his sister?

Kento Momota has an older sister named Meiko.

Her age is three years older than Kento.

Actually, Kento started playing badminton because of his older sister.

He was invited to a coach of “Mitoyo Junior” to which his sister belonged.

It is thanks to her sister that there is now Kento.

His sister, Meiko, is already married and has two children, so Kento is called “Ojisan” (^ _-)

◆ Summary

In December 2015, Kento Momota achieved his first victory in the Super Series Finals Men’s Singles as a Japanese.

Father Nobuhiro prepared a special champagne “Beaujoa Brut” for his son, and gave them a toast.

I hope they can drink delicious alcohol again at the Tokyo Olympics (^ o ^)